The Ukrainian National Federation is a non-profit corporation. The organization is based across Canada and endeavors to embrace all of our fellow Ukrainian Canadians. The UNF is non-sectarian and non-political. Its internal structure consists of affiliated organizations that have equal rights and status.

UNF strucututre

Affiliated organizations

  • Ukrainian War Veterans Association (UWVA)
  • Ukrainian Women’s Organization (UWO)
  • Ukrainian National Youth Federation (UNYF)
  • “Pomich Ukraini”/“Penny Fund”.

Board of Directors

The UNF is administered by a Board of Directors consisting of 23 members, democratically elected at a triennial convention. The UNF has Branches across Canada. Each Branch operates independently and the National Board of Directors coordinates the activities and sets policy.

Position Name Branch
National President Jurij Roman Klufas UNF Toronto West
Past President Renata Roman UWO Toronto
Vice President West Olena Shyian UNF Regina
Vice President East Adriyan Kovryha UNF Montreal
National Secretary John Moskalyk UNF Toronto West
Treasurer Fred Petruk UNF Toronto
UWOC, Director Patricia Latyshko UWOC National
UWVA, Director George Serhijczuk UWVA
PYI, Director Solomiya Chabursky UNF Ottawa-Gatineau
Ridna Shkola Initiatives Committee, Director Oksana Levytska UNF Toronto
Development Committee, Director Olee Wowk UNF Edmonton
Development Committee, Director Daniel Diamond UNF Sudbury
Development Committee, Director Adam Pecio UNF Toronto
Development Committee, Director Andrii Prokopchuk UNF Saskatoon
Director Marusia Labay UNF Winnipeg
Cultural Committee, Director Ievgeniy Burlaka UNF Edmonton
Cultural Committee, Director John Huсal UNF Hamilton
Statutory Committee, Director Ivan Lypovyk UNF Edmonton
Search Committee, Director Andrii Lytvynets UNF Edmonton

Audit Committee

Position Name Branch
Chair Taras Jackiw UNF Hamilton
Member Yarko Makohon UNF Hamilton
Member Vilyen Pidgornyy UNF Ottawa-Gatineau
Member Darlene Iwaszko UNF Oshawa

National Executive

Jurij Roman Klufas

President, Toronto

Adriyan Kovryha

Eastern VP, Montreal


Western VP, Regina

John Moskalyk

Secretary, Toronto


Treasurer, Toronto


The UNF of Canada and its Affiliates are represented across Canada by Branches of the Organization who, through their Halls, Programs and Activities promote the organization’s Objectives and Values, and offer a source of support, coordination and information for the local Ukrainian Canadian Community. Within 10 years of it’s creation in 1932, the UNF, along with it’s affiliates had 91 branches across Canada. Essentially every stop along the Canadian National Railway was served by a branch of the UNF. Today, as demographics have changed the UNF’s Branches number 14 across Canada, serving most of the Major urban centers where Ukrainian-Canadians reside.

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