The UNF of Canada is a non‐profit corporation made which includes three affiliate organizations, The Ukrainian War Veteran’s Association, The Ukrainian Women’s Organization and the Ukrainian National Youth Federation who, together, have equal rights within the organization’s structure. The UNF of Canada is administrated by a National Board of Directors which coordinates the activities of the Organization and its Affiliates.



The Ukrainian War Veterans Association of Canada has been an integral part of Ukrainian Canadian community life for 90 years.
Inspired by the President of the Ukrainian Military Organization, Col. Evhen Konovalets, who later became the Chair of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, some 16 former Ukrainian Army veterans (former soldiers of the Ukrainian National Republic) founded the Ukrainian War Veterans Association of Canada (UWVA) on January 30th, 1928 in Winnipeg. Thousands of these former soldiers were forced to leave their homeland and escape abroad after the Bolshevik invasion post- World War I. Thanks to the UWVA’s hard work, resourcefulness and its dedication, the ideals of national unity and civic duty grew throughout the entire Ukrainian community in Canada.

The UWVA’s dedication led to the creation of a strong organizational system – the Ukrainian National Federation of Canada (UNF). These organizations provided support, material assistance, humanitarian aid and leadership to thousands of Ukrainian Canadians who benefited from their cultural-education and heritage programs. These former Ukrainian Army veterans were the true knights who fulfilled their mission to God, their comrades-in-arms and their country.

The mission of the UWVA is to:
• Advise the UNF on military-related matters of interest to its membership
• Foster relationship between the Canadian military and the Ukrainian Canadian community on matters of joint interest
• Foster relationship between the Ukrainian military and the Ukrainian Canadian community on matters of joint interest
• Support military-related projects of interest such as veterans’ programs
• Build awareness of Ukrainian Canadian and Ukrainian military contributions
• Participate in ceremonial events representing Ukrainian Canadian veterans

Today, the organization counts former members of the Canadian, Ukrainian, French and Polish armed forces in its ranks.



The Ukrainian Women’s Organization of Canada (UWOC) was founded in 1930 by groups of young women affiliated with the Ukrainian War Veterans’ Association. In 1932, UWOC became an independent organization within the system of the Ukrainian National Federation of Canada. Branches of UWOC were formed throughout Canada and in 1934 the first National Convention elected a National Executive.

During the past 80 years, the headquarters for the National Executive were in Saskatoon, Winnipeg and Toronto.


The Ukrainian Women’s Organization of Canada consists of branches and the National Executive. The National Executive is the highest governing body. The highest policy-making forum is the National Conference held every three years. UWOC is governed by its own by-laws. The National President of the UWOC becomes a member of the Board of Directors of the Ukrainian National Federation of Canada.


То organize Ukrainian women in Canada for the purpose of:

• furthering their social development and educating them to take part in Canadian and Ukrainian life;
• holding lectures, panel discussions, workshops and conferences;
• initiating Ukrainian Schools, establishing libraries, supporting the work of the youth organizations of Ukrainian National Federation of Canada;
• promoting and supporting choirs, dance ensembles, traditional events and social functions;
• assisting in children’s educational and recreational activities;
• raising money for the Ukrainian Gold Cross Fund;
• establishing contact and participating with Canadian and international organizations.


In 1954 the National Executive of the Ukrainian Women’s Organization of Canada established the Ukrainian Gold Cross Fund to provide ongoing assistance to the homeless, orphans, widows and disabled, and most recently victims of the Chornobyl nuclear disaster and tuberculosis epidemic.


The Ukrainian Women’s Organization of Canada published in two volumes “The History of the Ukrainian Women Organization of Canada”, children’s literature and works by Ukrainian women authors. The UWOC publishes a quarterly journal “Woman’s World”, which will celebrate its 60th year of publication in 2010.


The Ukrainian Women’s Organization of Canada is a founding member of the Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre in Winnipeg, the Ukrainian Canadian Women’s Committee, the World Federation of Ukrainian Women’s Organizations, and the Ukrainian World Congress.

The Ukrainian Women’s Organization of Canada is a member of the Canadian Red Cross, the National Council of Women of Canada, UNESCO, Canadian Association of Consumers, multicultural councils, Association of Trade and Commerce, Canadian Council on Education and Canadians for Genocide Education..

In 2010 the Ukrainian Women’s Organization of Canada will have 80 completed years of very dedicated and active work. Branches throughout Canada will celebrate this event and will establish plans for the following 10 years. It is hoped that young Canadian Ukrainian women will take up the torch, so proudly carried by our pioneer women of vision 80 years ago, so that their work will continue from generation to generation.

The Ukrainian National Youth Federation (UNYF) was founded on July 27th, 1934 in the prairie city of Saskatoon, and quickly spread throughout the country. For this, we have the dedication and efforts of UNYF’s first President, and Canadian Senator, Paul Yuzyk to thank.
The UNYF, together with its parent body, the Ukrainian National Federation of Canada, is dedicated to preserving Ukrainian-Canadian history and Ukrainian cultural heritage. We strive to unite Ukrainian Canadian youth nationally, regardless of their Christian religious demonstration or democratic political beliefs, to strengthen the Ukrainian- Canadian community, promote good citizenship within a multicultural Canadian society, and support a free and democratic Ukraine.

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