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The oldest Saturday school – Ridna Shkola & Secondary Level Studies UNF Toronto West Branch was founded in 1933 and is now proud of its history of success throughout the years. The success is measured by the dedication and hard work of parents and students, sponsors and patrons, and of course by teachers’ pedagogical expertise and knowledge which they have always shared with our students. It is the teachers who have been our school leaders during 85 years.

We express our gratitude to our main sponsor – Ukrainian National Federation and the UNF Toronto-West branch. We thank the Ukrainian Credit Union and the Organization of Ukrainian Women, Toronto-West branch for their continuous support.

Ridna Shkola Teaching staff works on implementing methodology of individual approach in teaching the students through introducing new technologies and e-resources. The school students have an opportunity to develop their talents in the bandura ensemble “Malvy”. Vocal singing group classes and Religious education classes are conducted during the school year.

Our students are ranging from kindergarten to grade 11 with the Ukrainian language instruction.

The Montessori Program Ukrainian Kindergarten based on the elements of Montessori’s philosophy was introduced in 2012-2013. With great enthusiasm children from 2.5 to 6 years old solve basic math problems and develop their spoken Ukrainian language skills along with art and music lessons. During their arts classes the pre-schoolers learn about the facts of Ukrainian culture and world traditions in the form of artists’ masterpieces.

Students from grades 9 through 11 earn three high school credits (unique to this school), adding to their overall academic achievement. One of the credits qualifies as a University credit.

A branch of the Ukrainian National Youth Federation (UNYF) of Canada was established at the school, encouraging students to become active in the broader organized Ukrainian Canadian community.

Our Ridna Shkola positive environment aims to help each and every student achieve the best results in their learning, become an active citizen of Canada with understanding and preserving their Ukrainian culture and heritage.


Principal Svitlana Getman


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