December is Warm at UNF Kids!

Dec 2, 2019 | Camp Sokil | 5 comments

Hello UNF Kids and Parents!

December has begun and so has the fun! We have a wonderful winter schedule planned for you this holiday season, take a look to see what is in store for UNF Kids!

PA Days at the Branch Make a Difference!

Join us for our PA Day on December 6th!

In honour of St. Nicholas day, the children will learning about the importance of compassion, charity and service with a field trip to the Daily Bread Food Bank. Bring a non-perishable item that day and join us!

Ages 6-12
145 Evans Ave, Etobicoke

UNF Members $40
Non-Members $45

If you would like to have your teen participate as a volunteer and grab some volunteer hours, please let me know! Volunteering at a PA Day is a fun way to make those hours for school (and they get a little honorarium too!)

UNF Summer Camps Information

1. Early Bird Registration

I am VERY happy that a few eager beavers want to sign up for camp already! We are still working on our new UNF Children’s Programs Website, but as soon as it is up and running, I will make a special announcement for our UNF Camp Family. As I do every year, I will send you all the information for registration so you can take advantage of a private, two week, window of registration at early bird prices! (And it will be ONLINE! Whoo!)

2. Volunteers and Counselor Hiring (January)

Calling all Youth! Get your resumes ready to apply for volunteering and hiring opportunities this summer. I start hiring mid January for both counselors and volunteers. If your child is interested, I will send you a run down of requirements and befits of being involved at UNF Camps!

To register for programs or events please contact [email protected]

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