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Nestor Sanajko is a nominee to become the official candidate for the Federal Conservative Party of Canada in the Mississauga East – Cooksville riding. If you live in the riding and would like to support Nestor’s nomination drive, you have until Thursday, November 15th to register as a Conservative party member. Once registered, you will be invited to attend the Nomination Meeting in mid-December (date to be announced). At the Nomination Meeting, you may vote to nominate Nestor as the official Conservative candidate. Invite your friends, family and neighbors to join the Party today!

People may choose to go directly to the Conservative membership webpage to gain their membership;

It is easier to go to and click on the link to ‘join now!’.

About Nestor Sanajko


Nestor was raised, together with his sister Kalyna, by a single mother, Monica Sanajko, in the Mississauga riding. Monica had fled Soviet held Poland in the late 1970’s to come to Canada.


As a native Mississauga resident, Nestor attended the local schools in the riding; St. Sofia elementary school and later Philip Pocock Catholic Secondary School.
Nestor earned his Bachelor of Science from Concordia University in Montreal, where he also received a certificate in Business Administration and Marketing from the John Molson School of Business. Committed to furthering his education, Nestor attended the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) in Shanghai where he studied Business Fundamentals in China. He then received his Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University.

Community work

Nestor has always been committed to the local community having volunteered at the Mississauga Hospital. He is currently the president of CYM – Mississauga and a board member of the UNF of Canada Toronto branch.

Professional life

Nestor works for Advantage Group which is present in over 40 countries. He works with some of the largest consumer packaged good suppliers, like Coca-Cola, L’Oréal, Nestlé, and Procter & Gamble. From Beijing to Zurich, Nestor has travelled and conducted business all around the world. Analyzing data, Nestor presents insights to management, executives, and boards on their businesses’ performance and advises on steps for improving their customer engagement to drive commercial success.

Nestor is a strict fiscal conservative on budgeting and progressive on social issues. He looks to reduce government waste while maintaining our traditional Canadian values.
Nestor has long been involved in politics, starting in high school – he was the high school student treasurer, while in the Concordia University he was president of the Ukrainian Student Union and was involved with SUSK – the national Ukrainian Student Union. He became involved with the Conservative Party when he helped Julian Fantino in his by-election in 2010 and later in federal election in 2011.

Nestor says he liked the Conservatives because of their logical and common sense approach which they exhibit. Besides the issues of fiscal responsibility, he believes that the issues of maintaining the rights of Canadians are also important: “Just last week, we heard about a lot of financial information being released to Statistics Canada. This, I think, is an issue with a lot of people – this is private banking information that shouldn’t be accessible by the government. And it’s situations like this that the Conservatives should be fighting for.”

As a business consultant, Nestor is well-placed to see the problems with business regulations and investment in Canada. He believes that the business climate in Canada should be improved: “For years businesses have been leaving Canada because it is cheaper and sometimes easier to operate outside. If we keep costs such as electricity high, we are going to see manufacturing move out of the country. And if they bring in even more tax and regulations into the regular business world, it makes it that much more difficult for even large corporations to operate. People are out there trying to run their businesses and we should be making it simple for them.”


Nestor enjoys playing soccer, skiing, and is even known to do some gardening. With the decline in bee populations, he has taken on beekeeping. He is also a parishioner with St. Mary’s Ukrainian church.

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