Kalyna’s mission is to reach beyond the stage and energize the audience through dance. Each move shows excitement and pride in the beautiful art that is Ukrainian dance.

Based out of the Ukrainian National Federation in Toronto, The Kalyna Performing Arts Company honours the group’s rich history and deeply-seeded roots in the Ukrainian-Canadian community.

Kalyna’s passionate and talented Ukrainian dancers are led by Stefan Kuziw, whose unique, dynamic, and exceptionally-executed choreography quickly made the group a crowd-favourite all over North America.

Stefan and his dedicated performers are thrilled to share their journey and amaze you with their energy and love for Ukrainian dance.

photo credit: Marko Oshchipko


“My ultimate goal is to inspire another fanatic to love Ukrainian dance as much as I do.”

Stefan Kuziw is a highly acclaimed dancer, artistic director, and choreographer. His fanaticism for Ukrainian dance was first ignited by the audience’s gasps and cheers as his leaps, kicks, and solos reached new highs. It was further nurtured by constant and extensive research, studying under renowned Ukrainian choreographers and inspired by his performances with Virsky.

That spark led to an over 15-year career as a professional dancer that has been widely praised and recognized by honoured artists in Ukraine and North America.

Now, his passion is fueled not just through performance but by creating original and dynamic choreography that motivates his dancers to reach new peaks, as well as excites the audience to leap out of their seats.


Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Having Kalyna perform at your event is sure to get even Baba jumping out of her seat. Our dancers know how to excite and energize an audience of any size.

That’s why Kalyna is a crowd-favourite at weddings, festivals, and other events all over North America.
If you’d like us to dance at your event, please contact us and be sure to include the date, time, location and type of event, as well as any other details that will help us understand your needs. (But don’t say we didn’t warn you.)

photo credit: Mykola Swarnyk

photo credit:Marko Oshchipko


Ready to dust off your red boots? If you’re passionate about dance, motivated to challenge yourself past your limits, and would love to meet some awesome Ukrainians, you just might love dancing with Kalyna.

Become a Kalyna dancer! Contact us to attend and an open rehearsal or a trial class.

When and where Kalyna Rehearse

Kalyna rehearses two times per week: Wednesdays 7-10pm and Sundays 6-9pm.
Our studio is located at 140 Evans Road in Toronto (South entrance of UNF Toronto.)

Are there Membership fees?

We do not charge membership fees as we are funded by the generous support of UNF, as well as our performances and fundraising initiatives.

How much experience do i need?

Kalyna dancers take pride in being among the best in North America and constantly push themselves to a higher and higher caliber.

That said, we offer a limited number of spots for new dancers with little experience but who are disciplined and committed enough to learn and to be challenged.

Contact Us

For all inquiries, please fill out the form below or contact us through ourFacebook page. You can also reach us by emailing [email protected]