Speaking clubs for Ukrainian newcomers – September 7

Aug 8, 2022 | Events, Toronto

September 7 @ 6:00 pm  7:30 pm

Speaking clubs for Ukrainian newcomers🇺🇦

We are extremely excited to launch Speaking Clubs for Ukrainian refugees, who arrived in Canada under the CUAET program. We invite you to join our informal meetings, which will be conducted by native speakers.

Date: Wednesday, September 7th, 2022
Time: Wednesday and Friday at 6pm until 7:30pm

Place: “Bistro” at UNF.

Cost: Free
Levels: A2-C2
Tea or coffee is $1.

We are planning to organize discussion topics that inform the basis of your everyday life in Canada:

Etiquette in a multicultural Canadian society.
Meetings, greetings, social norms, celebrating, religious tolerance, taboos.

How do I view my place in the fourth wave of Ukrainian immigration to Canada?
Opportunities, self-awareness, inclusion, performance, adaptability.

Survival in a post-Covid, market challenged environment.
Controlling spending, value-based purchasing, awareness to advertising.

Utilizing government educational opportunities to plan for a career.
What kinds of jobs that pay well will emerge by 2027 in the Information Age?

Thinking about and achieving your personal goals.
What can you realistically expect to do in 5 to 10 years and how do you get there?

Framing the narrative in the Ukraine-Russia conflict
Words have meaning; how you can positively influence people’s notions about the conflict.

Learn about your surroundings
Rely on personal knowledge and learn about the geography of the GTHA, without GPS.

We will cover the core areas of the English language study which can fast track your comprehension:

Pronunciation knowledge and exercises
Learn the challenges of your first language group as they affect your English speech.
Seek fluency as a second language speaker of English and understand that your native language will influence your speech forever.
Appreciate that most English language speakers in Canada are just like you – English is their second, third or fourth spoken language.
Understand that you will be judged by the level of ability you demonstrate in speech and that employers and institutions use mechanisms which measure your suitability for employment and education.
Self-confidence, not memorization or articulation, determines how successful a speaker you become in English- everyone can become a great second language speaker of English.
during conversations, expect to be occasionally “corrected” when you speak; the corrections will only highlight speaking errors which impair understandability for most listeners.

In 6 months, if you attend and participate in Speaking Clubs regularly and devotedly, you will begin to:
Experience a noticeable change in your English comprehension abilities.
Form sentences more effectively, using and understanding all important tenses in the English language.
Feel more confident in the conversation with a native speaker.

Join the efforts of the Ukrainian National Federation