UNF Canada Our Future


The UNF takes membership in its organization very seriously. Our members are our future, and by joining the organization our members become part of a rich history which dates back over 80 years to our founding members who came to Canada to pursue a safe, free and prosperous future for their family.

If you wish to learn more about the organization click on “About us” or Download our Membership Information Flyer.


Any person who is 18 years of age or older, and who shares the views, values and beliefs of the Ukrainian National Federation of Canada, and who understands that membership in this community requires periodic and active involvement in the development of the organization is free to apply for membership.

Every applicant must receive two sponsor endorsements on their application form from current and active members of the UNF to be successful in their application.


Each Branch and Affiliate sets its own specific Membership Fee. Upon successful completion of the membership application process, you will receive a statement of membership from your branch outlining the specific membership fee owed.


  1. Download and print a UNF Application form and complete all of the mandatory fields. Please be sure to indicate on the form which Affiliate of the organization you wish to become a member of (Ukrainian National Federation, Ukrainian Women’s Organization or Ukrainian National Youth Federation) by checking the appropriate box at the top of the form, as well as which city or branch you wish to join.
  2. Receive two signatures from current member sponsors who are endorsing your application.
  3. Return the completed form to the UNF National Executive listed below.

UNF National Executive

145 Evans Ave. #210
Toronto, Ontario
M8Z 5X8
ATTN: Membership Director

or to your local branch of the UNF.