Letter to the University of Alberta regarding Dougal MacDonald

Dec 1, 2019 | General | 3 comments

The following letter was written by UNF Vice-President Eugene Osidacz to the University of Alberta calling for the Censure of Mr. Dougal MacDonald for his affirmation of a “pro-Nazi” myth.

University of Alberta President

Dr. David H. Turpin, President, and Vice-Chancellor

2-24 South Academic Building (SAB)

University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T6G


On the 86th anniversary of Holodomor commemorated just a few short days ago, Canadians across the country remembered the millions condemned to death by starvation by the Soviet regime of Joseph Stalin in 1932-33.

Canada was the first nation to recognize Holodomor as Genocide in 2008, and it is one of the five genocides recognized by Canada along with the Holocaust, Armenian genocide, the Rwandan genocide and the Bosnian ethnic cleansing.

This week, the University of Alberta students along with the Ukrainian Canadian Students’ Union uncovered a series of public social media posts by Assistant Lecturer Dougal MacDonald that deny the Holodomor as a “pro-Nazi myth” and a “lie”.

 I bring this to your attention, as such action reflects poorly on the excellent reputation of the academic community of the University of Alberta

I call on the University of Alberta to immediately censure and challenge Mr. MacDonald to explain and provide documented proof for his denial of the Holodomor.

I would appreciate acknowledgment of this email, thank you,


Gene Osidacz

Kirkland, Quebec, Canada


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