“We Know Who You Are: Hackers Demonstrate The Importance of Cyber Hygiene”

Apr 5, 2019 | Branch News, Ottawa-Gatineau | 1 comment

On April 4th, 2019, UNF Ottawa-Gatineau hosted a well-attended informal learning event titled “We Know Who You Are: Hackers Demonstrate the Importance of Cyber Hygiene”.

It was presented by Warren Moynihan, Chris Shepherd, Dmitriy Beryoza from IBM’s X-Force Ethical Hacking Team who demonstrated how easy it is to find information about a person online. They showed the steps they took to find out key information about an executive in their company, such as his workplace, his hobbies and where he lives, and how easy it was to do so using publicly available or open-source information.

They concluded their presentation by outlining steps that could be taken to protect your online identity and minimize the amount of data that is being collected about you to reduce your risk of being a target for malicious hackers.

They’ve kindly agreed to share their findings and presentation, which is available by clicking here.

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