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The Ukrainian National Federation was founded in Edmonton, Alberta, on Sunday, July 17, 1932, by members of the Ukrainian Nationalist movement of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, who’s influences and vision remain a vital part of the organization to this day. In the first four years, 50 Branches were established across Canada. The UNF was incorporated by an Act of Parliament on June 1, 1950. The UNF is dedicated to the preservation of Ukrainian Canadian history and the cultural heritage of Ukraine.

Our Objectives

  • To unite all Ukrainian Canadians, regardless of their religious or other beliefs, within the confines of a Ukrainian National Identity;
  • To promote good Canadian citizenship;
  • To strengthen and expand the place of the Ukrainian community in Canadian society;
  • To serve the Ukrainian Canadian community by representing its common interests, protecting its reputation; and to be the wellspring out of which the best of our rich cultural heritage will flow into Canada.
  • To inform fellow Canadians about Ukrainian history and culture and promote accurate information about Ukraine.
  • Constructively support, promote and develop the independence of a sovereign, free and democratic Ukrainian state..

Our Activities

  • The UNF and its Branches have supported Ukrainian cultural life in Canada through Ukrainian folkdance groups, choirs, operas, musical ensembles, libraries, museums, summer camps, sports clubs, educational courses, Ukrainian schools, seniors’ and computer clubs.
  • Publishes books, magazines, and the weekly newspaper The New Pathway, founded in 1930.
  • Coordinates cultural, educational and charitable activities.
  • Encourages members to participate in the community and political life of Canada.
  • Has conducted over many years “Summer Cultural” and “Leadership Courses” (now UNF “Summer Teen Leadership Camp”), which foster leaders of the Ukrainian community.
  • Cooperates with Ukrainian organizations in Canada, in Ukraine, and other countries.

Our Achievements

  • The UNF was a founding member of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (1940), the Taras Shevchenko Foundation (1963), and the Ukrainian World Congress (1967).
  • In 1939 the UNF founded the first Ukrainian credit union in Canada in Saskatoon and many since then. The Ukrainian Credit Union in Toronto is the largest in Canada.
  • In 1944 the UNF founded the Ukrainian Canadian Cultural and Educational Centre in Winnipeg, Canada’s major Ukrainian museum, library and archives.
  • The UNF was one of the leaders in promoting the establishment of the official Government of Canada policy on Multiculturalism.

Our Structure

The Ukrainian National Federation is a non-profit corporation. The organization is based across Canada and endeavors to embrace all of our fellow Ukrainian Canadians. Тhe UNF is non-sectarian and non-political. Its internal structure consists of affiliated organizations that have equal rights and status. These include:

  • Ukrainian War Veterans Association (UWVA)
  • Ukrainian Women’s Organization (UWO)
  • Ukrainian National Youth Federation (UNYF)
  • “Pomich Ukraini”/“Penny Fund”.

The UNF is administered by a Board of Directors consisting of 23 members, democratically elected at a triennial convention. The UNF has Branches across Canada. Each Branch operates independently and the National Board of Directors coordinates the activities and sets policy.

The UNF of Canada and its Affiliates are represented across Canada by Branches of the Organization who, through their Halls, Programs and Activities promote the organization’s Objectives and Values, and offer a source of support, coordination and information for the local Ukrainian Canadian Community. Within 10 years of it’s creation in 1932, the UNF, along with it’s affiliates had 91 branches across Canada. Essentially every stop along the Canadian National Railway was served by a branch of the UNF. Today, as demographics have changed the UNF’s Branches number 14 across Canada, serving most of the Major urban centers where Ukrainian-Canadians reside.

Our Future

To meet the challenge of the future the UNF is revitalizing its organization to provide programs relevant to the needs of Ukrainian Canadians today and their cultural heritage. Among them: “Kalyna Country Educational Excursion” for youth ages 15 to 25, foundation of the Youth Leadership Institute named after senator Paul Yuzyk, founder and first President of UNYF NE, creation of Ukrainian Saturday Schools, Resource Centers and many others. The UNF promotes pride in our deep Canadian roots and in the achievements of the Ukrainian nation both in the land of our ancestors and around the world.

Join us, You Belong Here!!