The UNF FOUNDATION Delivers Key Guest Presentation at the 39th UNF National Convention in Regina, Sask.

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Taras W. Rohatyn, Chair, UNF FOUNDATION.

The UNF FOUNDATION (Registration # 891335382 RR00001) is a national public charitable foundation which provides grants to Ukrainian Canadian charities. With the approval of its Board of Directors, Taras Rohatyn, Chair of the Board agreed to participate as a Guest Speaker and provide an educational session on the relationship between the Ukrainian National Federation and its branches, charities, foundations and the legal requirements and legislation of the Canada Revenue Agency to the 39th Ukrainian National Federation of Canada Inc. National Convention. The Convention was held in Regina, Saskatchewan from October 12 to 14, 2018. Along with the Chair, Director Vicky Karpiak, recently retired and long-standing Treasurer, Dan Cherkas and FOUNDATION Administrator, Oksana Wasylyk were in attendance to support the Convention.

Prior to the formal presentation to the Convention delegates, Taras Rohatyn had the privilege of presenting a cheque of just over $1,000 to Olena Andrusyak, Administrator of the Ridna Shkola UNF Regina, to cover printing expenses of Ukrainian Leveled Books which she advised. The books will be an excellent addition to their professional library and will become a number one educational resource for teaching Ukrainian language at their school. Moreover, Olena Shyian, UNF Regina Branch President indicated that this approach will help their Ridna Shkola students to become fluent multilingual citizens retaining Ukrainian legacy and heritage.

Taras’ presentation was held at the UNF Regina Branch Hall, Saturday the 13th, following a very delicious and filling lunch. The Chair provided a brief history of the relationship between the FOUNDATION, the UNF Educational and Recreation Society and the UNF and its Branches.

He then explained what the processes were from the time a grant application was received, advising that the FOUNDATION could only fund projects presented by a registered charity, with the UNF Education and Recreation Society, being its predominant receiver of grand funds. He advised that when a grant application was received, the Administrator would review the application to ensure that all pertinent materials were included, and then send the request to the Society. The Board of Directors of the Society would then review the request, and if they felt it worthy of funding and met all of the CRA requirements, would send their recommendations back to the FOUNDATION for it disposition.

Grants considered by the FOUNDATION can include as follows: folk dance groups, choirs, scholarship events, musical ensembles, libraries, museums, Senior’s Clubs, Cultural Exchanges, Educational Programs, Annual Kolyada, Banquets and Dinners, Fundraising – Golf Tournaments (for specific charitable events or causes), Children’s Day Camps, Ridna Shkola educational activities, and Ivana Kupala celebrations.

However, he advised that the FOUNDATION does not grant funds, for examples for: events that are not in Canada, indoor or outdoor festivals, salaries for staff (i.e. teachers of Ridna Shkolas, camps or sports team instructors), documentaries or films that are not Canadian-based or Canadian-led (i.e. documentaries produced in Ukraine or abroad), and Ridna Shkola registration fees (not an all-inclusive list).

At the end of Taras’ presentation, Mr. Eugene Roman stood and challenged the assembled delegates to consider a donation to the FOUNDATION. As a result of his personal donation and those of other delegates, a total of $2,640 was collected.

That evening, the Convention Banquet was held at the Delta Marriott Hotel. Hundreds of attendees, along with Lt. Governor Thomas Molloy and Nadiia Kostenko, the Consul of Ukraine to Canada located in Edmonton, were entertained by a variety of exceptional performers. Guest speaker was Mr. Ken Krawetz, former Deputy Premier and current Chief of Staff of the Provincial government of Saskatchewan.

Just prior to the Banquet commencement, Taras was approached by two anonymous UNF members who indicated that they would match any donations received during the Banquet, dollar for dollar. Taras requested and was allowed to address the attendees following the guest speaker’s address, advising what the two anonymous had offered. Along with a large number of written donation pledges, Mrs. Natalia Bundza-Iwanytzkyj stepped up to the podium and passionately described her relationship and work over the decades, through OYK, with Mrs. Ollia Mysyk Rohatyn and pledged $5,000 to the FOUNDATION on her behalf to the thrill and applause of the audience.

On Sunday, the 14th, following the Moleben Services at the Delta, and during the closing ceremonies, Mr. Bohdan Diakow, Chair of the Convention, on behalf of Taras Rohatyn, announced to loud delegate applause, that the total donations to the UNF FOUNDATION over the course of the weekend along with the matching dollars from the anonymous donors amount, amounted to $16,000. He reminded everyone that the FOUNDATION grant criteria’s are for educational, cultural and recreational activities by Ukrainian groups and organizations in Canada.

The FOUNDATION Board of Directors thanks all who supported the FOUNDATION at the UNF Convention and Banquet, and especially, a most heartfelt thank you to its two anonymous donor supporters.

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