UNF Winnipeg Branch

Welcome to Winnipeg!

Based in Winnipeg, the Rusalka Ukrainian Dance Ensemble currently has a membership of 28 dancers between the ages of 17-35 years of age. Junior Rusalka is comprised of dancers 13-16 years of age. The Rusalka UNF School of Dance offers weekly dance instruction to children 3-12 years of age. For more information visit the Rusalka website.





 935 Main St
Winnipeg, MB R2W 3P2



UNF Winnipeg – Project CARE

UNF Winnipeg – Project CARE

The UNF-Winnipeg Branch collaborated with UCC-MPC Project CARE to supply over 500 Self-Care Kits and deliver them to Ukrainian Canadian Senior community members who are living independently in...

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Любі друзі, Dear friends, Христос ся Рождає! Веселих Свят усім! Ось сердечні побажання від нашого Національного Президента, Юрія Клюфаса. Christ is born! Happy Holidays everyone! Here are some heartfelt wishes from our UNF National President, Jurij...

Invana Kupala in Sudbury

On Saturday July 2, the Ukrainian community gathered at UNF camp Zaporizhia on Richard Lake to celebrate the festival of Ivana Kupala. After a delicious BBQ dinner, visitors enjoyed participating in ancient rituals led by Halia Buba. These included the building of...